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Yogesh Raheja is a certified DevOps and Cloud expert with a decade of IT experience. He has expertise in various technologies, such as Operating Systems, Source Code Management, Build & Release tools, CI/CD tools (Continuous Integration/Deployment/Delivery), Containers (Docker, Kubernetes), Configuration Management Tools (Puppet/Chef/SaltStack/Ansible) and various public and private Clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, Openstack). He loves to share his technical expertise with the audience all around the world at various forums, conferences, webinars, blogs sites and on LinkedIn. He has written the books "Automation with Ansible - By Yogesh Raheja" and "Automation with Puppet - By Yogesh Raheja and Dennis McCarthy" which has been published by Wiley.

Session Title

How to be Agile/Lean in Infrastructure Vertical

Session Overview

With traditional Infrastructure approaches it's very difficult to join a league of Agile/DevOps. Quick, Robust, Manageable and Scalable Infrastructure is a success "Key" for organizations to bring their Stable product in the market and change the product if required based upon the user's feedback (continuous feedback). The real challenge in front to organizations is how and where to start this journey and the only solution to this debatable question is "quick provisioning" of instances and "quick application deployment and orchestration" to save time and engage their resources in productive and non-repeatable tasks. The next challenge is to be flexible to change the priority of the tasks, for which organizations have to adapt to Kanban approach in Infrastructure vertical.


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