Urmila Kandha

Urmila Kandha
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Company - Deutsche Bank Global Services Ltd


Author of "Essentials of Agile Transformation" and an active thought leader, Urmila brings 18+ years of industry experience spanning ITSM, Agile Coaching and Transformation. Her goal is to help people discover and develop their agile instincts and embrace the Agile mindset. She enjoys mentoring practitioners and teams towards delivering amazing results and fostering learning communities that provide sustainability for agile transformations.

A recipient of multiple awards at the national level in literary arena, she is also a recipient of the Ms. Super Brain Super Personality Gold Award, Ms. Intellectual Trophy and Best Young Manager Award at pan India level across MNCs. She is also a recipient of Innovation Awards and other professional recognitions for her workspace contributions till date. An avid learner she firmly believes that if you chase perfection, you attain excellence.

Session Title

Emotional Agility - An Imperative for Kanban and Business Agility

Session Overview

Enterprises that embark on the most successful transformation journeys are those that focus on people centric transformation spanning the entire gamut of innovative next-gen technologies, digitization, innovation and continuous learning. It is here that Emotional Intelligence (EI) – often the hidden and most highly ignored element plays a crucial role in the entire journey towards driving an enterprise change. Emotions drive people and people drive performance and change. Emotional Agility is all about recognizing our emotions and leveraging the associated intelligence to guide individual behaviour and achieve the desired performance strategically.

When organizations tend to embrace agility and focus on Kanban in their business, it is an absolute imperative to ingrain the Lean Kanban culture within teams as well as across all levels. All this requires a mindset transformation and assessing the benefits of change more holistically along with a conscious effort to be the change agents of transformation.

The proposed talk is all about how an enterprise can rewire the immense potential in its people assets to achieve phenomenal transformation – using an agile culture with a laser focus to move towards Emotional Agility. It revolves around how EI influences an Agile Leadership and an Agile Mindset and how it can influence the transformation outcomes using Kanban.


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