masa k maeda

Masa K Maeda
  • CEO and Founder, Valueinnova
  • Valueinnova


Masa K Maeda is one of the most esteemed and globally renowned experts on Lean-Agile transformation. He carries a global consulting experience of over 26 years, and has worked to transform and bring value to organizations all over the globe, including: fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

He’s also one of the founding members of Lean Kanban University, and is the creator of Serious LeAP: a Lean-Agile model built towards making organizations prosperous. He currently operates as the CEO and Founder of Valueinnova, and is working as a consultant with the Cutter consortium. He is also an active member of the steering committee of the Agile Testing Alliance, a registered teacher at the University of California at Berkeley and a noted global public speaker involved in Agile conferences and keynotes all over the globe.


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