Mahesh Singh

Mahesh Singh
  • Co-Founder, Sr. VP, Head of Marketing
  • Company - Digite Inc.


Mahesh brings over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Software and IT Services/ Consulting industry experience to Digité. He has been responsible for Product Management, Marketing, Consulting and Professional Services for North America and Europe. Prior to starting Digité, Mahesh co-founded Aravali Technologies, a Silicon Valley e-consulting company, and as COO, managed Services Delivery and Operations, till Aravali's successful acquisition by an India-based publicly owned company. Before that, Mahesh spent 12 years in HCL America and NIIT, India, where he managed a variety of business development and project delivery functions for software as well as product management of PC based CASE and project management software in India.

Mahesh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering from MS University, Baroda and an MBA in Systems and Marketing from XLRI, Jamshedpur. He is also a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) and an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT).


Portfolio Kanban - Visual Portfolio Management

Session Overview

Portfolio Management - be it project portfolios, a product or application portfolios or other types - is a critical business activity that almost all organizations do in one manner or the other. Some try and use traditional portfolio management tools. Some use basic spreadsheet models. However, the task remains challenging. Traditional portfolio management tools have remained complex to use and data-intensive in order to get any meaningful information out of them. Spreadsheets, while easy to get started with, suffer from the standard challenge of visibility, versioning and accuracy. Both approaches remain complex, either due to tool usage/ data input requirements or due to over-engineering by management teams trying to create the 'perfect' system.

Kanban offers a simple yet elegant alternative. Portfolio Kanban is a powerful, visual and most importantly, effective portfolio management solution. Kanban, by it's very nature, is a scalable solution, that can be easily used at any level of the organization - strategic, tactical and operational. In this talk, I will discuss how Portfolio Kanban can be easily set up and operationalized - and used effectively for managing the most business-critical initiatives of your organization.


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