Janice Linden-Reed

Jainice Linden Reed
  • Chief Program Officer
  • Company - Lean Kanban Inc.


Janice Linden-Reed is Chief Program Officer of Lean Kanban Inc. Overseeing all Lean Kanban University certified Kanban training programs, credential programs for Kanban professionals, and the Lean Kanban Conference global series. Her professional background includes game design and production, starting companies, managing software development, and building communities for professionals. She works with organizations around the world seeking to use Kanban to improve results. Janice also manages the Kanban communities kanbandev and the Limited WIP Society. She is from San Francisco, California but now living in Seattle, Washington.

Session Title

Kanban Saves the World

Session Overview

How Kanban handles risk and recovery in global disaster relief and business continuity?

The definition of disaster is a condition in which demand far exceeds capacity to cope. Reports of relief efforts after disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis show lack of coordination, overwhelmed relief workers, and problems with transporting supplies. Before a disaster, preparation means looking at dimensions of risk reduction: vulnerability, efficiency, resilience, system fragility, and the policies of a recovery plan.

Kanban is uniquely well-suited to manage conditions of unbalanced demand vs capacity. This talk looks at the way elements of Kanban can help your business before and after a market disaster, as well as improve serious disaster relief worldwide.


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