• Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach
  • Company - Conteneo Inc.


Vikas Uppal is a Passionate Leadership Coach with extensive experience in Team Motivation, Enterprise Level Collaboration. Vikas is an experienced Agile Enthusiast with 2 decades of Agile Consulting with Agile Services delivery experience in the Financial Services, Telecom Sector. Vikas has extensive experience in Scrum, Kanban & Scaled Agile based Delivery execution of Complex software programs for Global Consulting and IT Services organizations.

Currently, he is working with Luke Hohmann of Innovation Games at Conteneo as Enterprise Agile Transformational Consultants on extremely interesting transformational journey of global organization. He is also working on Unique program for Corporate & Education Sector Learnings Collaboration named eGile as Non-Profit Volunteer assisting collaboration among educationists. He has Coached CXO’s, Sr Executives & multiple teams. Vikas loves travelling and interacting with different culture thus worked out of multiple Global locations of Europe & NA

Session Title

Power of Customizing Kanban Boards

Session Overview

How to tailor frameworks to better meet their needs is going to be main theme of every Industry, Organization, Team & Individual need going forward. A great way to do this is to start with a core framework and then extend it with additional frameworks or replicate it to enable collaboration at scale.

This Session will provide design tips to design several different Kanban boards using Weave... with the warning that you may find yourself inspired to start using Kanban in a whole new way! This is NOT a session on WIP, Lead Time, Cycle Time or any of a host of other ways to use Kanban boards. You can find plenty of information on these topics. This is a Session on designing your Kanban board - which means - if you can draw it, you can bring it to life in Weave!

Not limited to but this session will involves below mentioned customizations tips using Weave & its benefits

  • Adding Columns to Match Flow
  • Removing Systems Workflow
  • Replacing To-do with Impact-Effort
  • Adding Swimlanes and Fast Lane
  • Swim lanes as Regions
  • Splitting a Columns for Sharing
  • Scaling Kanban boards
  • Capturing Status with Icons

After this session speaker will also grant Training Credits to attendees on Weave. If time permits: We will also showcase “Large scale distributed framework applied via “Cricket game theme” to do Organization retrospective on one of global fortune 500 Eng. firm to assess Organisation goals and find various common patterns.


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