Teodora Bozheva

Teodora Bozheva
  • Co-Founder and Principal Trainer and Coach
  • Company - Berriprocess


Teodora Bozheva is the Co-Founder, and Principal Trainer and Coach at Berriprocess, a training and coaching company based in Bilbao, Spain. She has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Software Development. She has personally undergone all the challenges in managing large projects and meeting tough schedules with limited resources. For more than 15 years, she has been providing training and coachings on Kanban, Lean, CMMI and Agile to companies in different industries. With insights and practical guidance, she helps them combine and adjust the methods for their unique contexts to improve their management practices, deliver better products and services faster, and adopt continuous improvement culture.

Session Title

Developing Business Agility through the Kanban Maturity Model

Session Overview

This talk is about how the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) can be used by organisations interested in developing further their business agility. Based on real case examples from companies using Kanban, Teodora will present by what means the KMM addresses challenges such as extending the agile management from team-level to multiple interdependent projects and services. She will also talk about, overcoming the strong "I" mentality of individuals and teams in a software development company and build a shared vision, "what we develop" thinking and focus on customer needs. As well as, how to improve efficiency and predictability of product development.

Workshop Title

Kanban Maturity Model: Managing project and service in a fit-for-purpose organization

Workshop Overview

There exists a variety of project and service management methods, process improvement models, best practice collections, standards, and agile methodologies. Each organization has its way of managing the work it does in order to meet the expectations of their customers. At the same time, an important challenge for many companies is to evolve their project and service management practices and link them to the development of a flexible and robust business, capable of progressing and innovating in a dynamic context.

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) provides pragmatic guidelines about the management of projects and services, creating the necessary stress to drive continuous improvement, without exceeding the real capability of the organization. The model describes 7 levels of organizational maturity and the mapping of Kanban to Lean / TPS practices, Real World Risk Model, cultural values and the scale of project and service management.

Learning objectives

  • Describe what organizational/business agility means
  • Describe how a fit-for-purpose organization characterises
  • Describe the Kanban maturity levels
  • Understand how project and service management evolves together with organizational maturity
  • Suggest appropriate actions to increase project/service management agility
  • Suggest Kanban management tools.


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