Swami Bhavrupanandji

Swami Bhavrupanandji
  • President, Ramakrishna Math
  • Yelagiri


Swami Bhavrupanandji is a senior monk of Ramkrishna Mission and presently heading the development of Yelagiri Centre. He has done MA in English Literature and associated with Ramkrishna Mission from more than 40 years. Swamiji, first came in touch with Ramkrishna Order in 1967 at Bengaluru and took Sanyas in 1985 at Haridwar Ashram. During his tenure, he has worked at International Headquarters in Belur Math and served R K Mission Ashram at Haridwar, Kolkata, Itanagar, Mumbai, Bhopal, Goa and Bengaluru. Swamiji has exercised his expertise in the field of development of healthcare, educational institutes, financial management and fund management. His contribution towards development of Ramkrishna Mission Library at various centres is extraordinary.


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