Priyank Pathak
  • Lean-Agile Consultant


Ravi is an Agile Coach who consults eBay's Silicon Valley campus at all levels, working primarily with teams responsible for Cloud Reliability Engineering and Data Center Operations, while also making those teams embrace Agile and Lean for continuous improvement with better customer focus and flow based outcomes. His expertise ranges from assisting multiple teams to large-scale Lean-Agile Transformation; by conducting gamification-based training and coaching on adopting Agile/Scrum & Lean/Kanban process frameworks, with XP and DevOps practices. Prior to eBay, he worked for Infosys, Western Digital, Cisco, PayPal & Symantec for number of years, training & coaching at all levels of Agile adoption- individuals, teams, management & executives.

Session Title

Leveraging Lean and Kanban to implement Continuous Improvement

Session Overview

How can continuous improvement culture and mindset be "transformed" with Lean and Kanban? What can corporate culture derive from and expand on cultures that still exist in Lean Manufacturing movement that began with TPS (Toyota Product System)? How can we leverage our knowledge of Lean and Kanban to transform organization's fitness for purpose? This is a workshop about a pictorial case study that shows how to apply Lean Manufacturing values, principles & best practices for continuous improvement in today's fast-paced IT landscape.


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