• Sr. Account Director, CPG and Retail
  • Company - Mindtree


Avinash Rao is a Thought Leader in Agile, Lean and Kanban, with strong engagement, and accountant for the definition of Program Management, Program leadership, and PMO offerings. He is also expertises in selling, structuring and delivering large programs in multiple regions, and multi vendor situations. Avinash is also a regular Speaker, and he has spoken at various conferences and meetups including Lean Kanban India, Agile India and the meetups such as Agile Coach Meetup, and the India Regional Scrum Gathering held in Bengaluru.

Session Title

Kanban – The Next Frontier

Session Overview

Kanban has taken over the world. Well, not really, but the Kanban community can be proud that Kanban Boards, WIP limits and Visualization have become such an integral part of our IT conversations, and the positive impact Kanban has made to IT projects. It will not last.

Kanban is beginning to run into the same challenges that Agile has faced after its initial, and very successful, adoption: what next? Is Kanban a single step change - one time hit that gives us this year's improvements, and off we go looking for the next shiny toy?

Why? Isn't Kaizen an integral part of Kanban? Unfortunately, given the prescriptive nature of adoption in our IT industry, Visualization, Boards and WIP limits (along with start from the current state) has proved a much easier sell than the hard work of Kaizen.

Illustrated by two examples, this session will show how to move from a Kanban step change to a new normal of continuous improvement and create a Kaizan culture. This needs changes in orientation, how activities and improvements are structured and rewarded (over time) adIt will discuss the challenges and enablers for this journey and lessons learnt to help you on your journey.


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