Kanban Maturity Model Masterclass

[ Evolving Fit-for-Purpose Organizations ]


Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) provides a map to guide an organisational journey towards business agility and fitness for purpose. It also maps the typical Kanban practices as well as cultural value against 6 organizational maturity levels. Kanban Maturity Model is based on observed Kanban patterns and practices that helps coaches and managers to assess where they are in their organizational maturity.

This model helps to improve handling of process and policies, fulfillment of desired outcomes for customer satisfaction, level of business agility and improvement practices. In addition to identifying the current level, the KMM provides guidance on recommended practices to achieve improvement goals.


3 Days (8 Hours each day)


9 AM to 6 PM each day


David J Anderson (Originator of Kanban Method) and Teodora Bozheva (Accredited Kanban Trainer and Certified Kanban Coaching Professional)

Batch Size

Max 20-25 Participants

Participants Profile

Intermediate or Expert

Accreditation Institute

Lean Kanban University (LKU)

Course Delivery Language


Approach of Delivery

Mix of theory and activity session (Classroom Training)


Participants are recommended to read Kanban Maturity Model book by David J. Anderson and Teodora Bozheva, KMP Certification

Certification Details

This course plus the Kanban Leadership Maturity Masterclass satisfies the educational requirements toward the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP)


Workshop Brochure

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  • Understand KMM levels
  • KMM Architecture
  • KMM and other models and methods - Lean/TPS, CMMI, Real World Risk Model
  • Evolve organizational culture with KMM
  • Fit-for-purpose organization
  • Develop Organizational Agility
  • Risk Management practices
  • Develop an antifragile organization
  • Learn to use KMM as a Kanban Coach, Change Agent, or Project Manager

Learning Objective

  • Understand the breadth of general Kanban practices and the depth of specific practices, implement general practices such as Visualize and Limit WIP
  • Understand the Organizational Maturity Model, mapping of specific Kanban practices and design patterns
  • Learn the cultural values and leadership styles which enable evolution of organizational agility
  • Understand the two failure modes of Kanban implementations: aborted start and false summit plateaus
  • Discover which practices are appropriate at each maturity level to avoid these failure modes
  • Learn how to use the model to provide a roadmap for improvement and ideas for what to do next to catalyse the next level of evolutionary change and business improvement
  • Learn the definition of “fit-for-purpose” and understand what it takes to evolve an organization that is fit-for-purpose
  • Learn how to use KMM together with other models and methods.


  • Kanban coaches, Agile Practitioners
  • Leaders, Business Managers
  • Project and Service Managers, Team Leads


  • Pre-screening round will be required to register for the class.

Course Deliverables

  • This course satisfies one of the educational requirements toward the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP)
  • In person 3-day training full of learning and fun.

Registration Fee

  • INR 1,77,550 + 18% GST (Inclusive of Lean Kanban India 2018 Conference pass).



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